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Datta Able Admin Template

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Take control of your relationships. Actionable CRM data on your fingertips

Your CRM dashboard puts actionable data at your fingertips for total relationship control. Stop chasing information and focus on building stronger customer connections.

Datta Able Admin Template
Datta Able Admin Template


Actionable CRM data. Build stronger relationships, one click at a time

Turn data into action, and clicks into connections. Our CRM equips you with actionable insights to build lasting customer relationships.

Our Features Discover How Our Features Propel Your Business Forward.

Discover our feature-rich platform for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. Your business deserves the best.

Insightful Guidance

Our system taps into the power of smart technology to give you practical advice on everything from understanding your customers better to managing your projects smoother.

Effortless Automation

Our system rolls up its sleeves and takes care of the repetitive stuff for you. Imagine having your own personal assistant, but without the hefty price tag.

Customized Just for You

We believe in the personal touch with each person, whether you're a valued customer or a hardworking employee. Expect recommendations and interactions that feel like they were made just for you.

Future-Forward Insights

By crunching past data, we can give you a sneak peek into future trends. So go on, make decisions with confidence, knowing what's coming next.

Datta Able Admin Template


Actionable CRM data on your fingertips. Build stronger relationships, one click at a time

Turn data into action, and clicks into connections. Our CRM equips you with actionable insights to build lasting customer relationships.

About Us We don't just manage data, we unlock its power

We are your AI-powered partner in business transformation. We go beyond traditional software, leveraging advanced AI/ML to revolutionize CRM, HRM, and Project Management.

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Starter Plan $59/month

Core CRM functionalities

  • contact management, lead scoring
  • Limited HR features (onboarding,
    time tracking)
  • Limited AI/ML features (data insights, basic automation)
Growth Plan $109/month

All features from Starter plan

  • Advanced CRM functionalities (sales forecasting, opportunity management)
  • Project management with collaboration tools and resource allocation
  • Comprehensive HR features (performance management, recruitment)
  • Advanced AI/ML features (predictive analytics, workflow automation)
Enterprise Plan $159/month

All features from Growth plan

  • Scalable solution for large user bases
  • Custom integrations and API access
  • Dedicated support and implementation services
  • Highly-customized AI/ML models and automations

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Our AI-powered CRM goes beyond traditional systems by using AI to personalize the customer journey, predict customer behavior, and generate data-driven insights to strengthen relationships and boost sales.

Our AI-driven HRM streamlines recruitment by identifying top talent and personalizes the employee experience, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce. AI can also analyze data to predict potential issues and recommend solutions.

AI-powered project management tools anticipate roadblocks, optimize resource allocation, and predict potential delays to ensure projects stay on track and are delivered on time.


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